Meghan's Wish.



"All children deserve a home to plant roots, a family to show them the rainbow at the end of the storm, and the fortitude to spread their wings and take chances in life."

The mission of Meghan's Wish is to provide basic necessities to children who are recently placed in foster homes and to support the families that care for them.


Meghan’s Wish Foundation was established with the sole purpose of reaching out to children entering
the foster care system in the State of Colorado. The goal is to supply each child (ages 0-18) with a
twenty-four hour emergency tote bag of clothing, toiletries, toys, books, and a card of
encouragement from various community members. We believe that as a society, we should envelope
these children in love and support to encourage them to break free from the hands they have been

It is the hope of this foundation that no child be left without the basic necessities when entering the foster care system.

Our Story


Meghan’s Wish was born in September of 2016, after founder, Guinevere Munib and her family opened their home to children who needed foster care in Denver, CO. She quickly learned that the children being placed in her home came with very little to no possessions.  The second child that came to stay with Guin was two years old and the intake worker dropped her off in a diaper, and nothing else. She didn’t even know her name. She had no clothes in her home that would fit a two year old, so she went to Walmart at 2 o’clock in the morning to make sure her new foster daughter would have some basic items such as clothing, diapers, and a toothbrush.

After experiencing this consistently, and hearing from other foster families with similar stories, Guinevere started Meghan’s Wish in Denver, CO with the focus of providing families and children with a twenty-four hour emergency tote bag of clothing, toiletries, toys, books, and a card of encouragement.

Meghan’s wish is named after Guinevere’s friend, Meghan, who passed away in her 20s. She always dreamed of fostering or adopting children, but was never given the opportunity. This charity is dedicated to her. 

Pictured on the right with Guin's daughter.


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