Guinevere Munib


In 2014, while attending a Gender Reveal Party, I met an extraordinary woman who had fostered and adopted several children. It was her testimony which sparked a deep seeded desire within me, to foster. However, it would take a couple of years for my husband to also feel that same desire.

When we finally became Foster Parents in 2016 we had no idea that many of the children who graced our home and lives would arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs. It was these children who sparked my desire to help provide these simple yet vitally important bags.

This foundation is named for my best friend of 25 years who dreamed of fostering and adopting children. Sadly, she passed away before her dream could be fulfilled.  In her lifetime, she often knew what it was like to feel and be treated differently because of her circumstances in life. Thus, it has become my mission to ensure these children have the basic necessities to move forward in working through these difficult circumstances.

It is because of God’s grace and persistence that this Foundation continues to move forward with the goal of no child left without.


Angela Bush Salazar

Colorado Springs Liaison/Volunteer

My husband, two boys, and I have been wanting to do foster care for a while. We always felt that the timing wasn't right, that was until October 2016. We decided to open our hearts and home to some of the amazing kids in foster care.

We have had five placements since getting licensed. One of those five is a five year old little girl that we are in the process of adopting. We are also currently fostering a 13 week old baby. 

Giving back to these kids in care is what makes me want more for them. Meghan's Wish Foundation does just that, they give back. They offer these kids a hand up not a hand out.