Get to Know Guin

According to an article in the Denver Post, 10,000 children spent time in foster care in 2016, either in foster families, group homes or residential care centers. On average, 14 children are removed from their parents and placed in the child welfare system each day, according to data from the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Since its inception, Meghan’s Wish has created over 200 emergency kits for children. Due to the high number of children being placed with foster families, the need for emergency kits greatly exceeds this.

Our Mission: The mission of Meghan's Wish is to provide basic necessities to children who are recently placed in foster homes and to support the families that care for them.

Our Goals: Meghan’s Wish Foundation was established with the sole purpose of reaching out to children who are entering the foster care system in the State of Colorado.

The goal is to supply each child (ages 0-18) with a twenty-four hour emergency tote bag of gently used clothing, toiletries, toys, books, and a card of encouragement.We believe that as a society, we should envelope these children in love and support them in breaking free from the hands they have been dealt.

It is the hope of this foundation that one day we will be able to supply all new clothing, duffel bags, in lieu of drawstring tote bags and gift cards for the children to buy some items on their own.

About Guin Meghan’s Wish was born in September of 2016, after founder, Guinevere Munib and her family opened their home to children who needed foster care in Denver, CO.

Guinevere (Guin) grew up in a military family, living in 9 different states until her parents divorced when she was 16. She moved to Colorado with her mother after the divorce, finished high school, and attended college in Colorado Springs where she met her husband who is also military. She and her husband, Randy, have been married over eleven years and have three biological children together and currently have one foster son.

Randy and Guin lost a son to miscarriage in 2010 and it was this loss which sparked a belief in Guin that life matters. She wanted to give back to the community and to support families who were struggling. Coincidentally she met another mom in 2015 who was a foster mom. It was this woman’s story that inspired Guin to bring up the journey of fostering with her husband.

What made you want to start a foundation that specifically helps foster children? After becoming foster parents, my husband and I were stunned when our second child showed up at 2AM wearing nothing but a diaper. We were told that this child was a year old, but we later found out she was 16 months old and wearing size 2T clothing. Most foster parents try to have supplies on hand to prevent scrambling around for clothing and shoes, but things happen. This incident was not isolated, as all of the children to grace our home have shown up with either nothing but the clothes on their backs or with a few items, which weren’t always age,size appropriate or even seasonally appropriate. After speaking with many other county workers and foster parents I found this situation to be pretty typical. It broke my heart to imagine being in such a frightening situation,going to a stranger’s house and now having to ask for basic items such as feminine products,socks and undergarments.

I am passionate about children as I truly believe it is much easier to raise a decent person then to fix a broken adult. Sometimes all it takes is that one small gesture of kindness to sow the seeds which someone else can then water and grow.